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27th December 2007

2:06pm: 2007
in comparison to 2006, i can vouch that this year was way more positive
and fruitful.

the following i can remember:
.doing yoga for my senior project
.volunteered at tlc academy from nov 2006 - june 2007- best place ever!
.bought my cycle for my 18th b-day
.recorded our split 7" in portland with devin from the black black black-coming out early 2008 from what i hear now
.longest relationship so far ended in may w/jackie
.finished with high school- magical times.
.traveling by my lonesome to germany and romania.
   -germany: stayed with my mom's sister a couple of days in koln.
                       went to clarholz up in nordrhein-westphalia  to attend cry me a river fest where i saw ed gein, trainwreck, and zann. a guy from dusseldorf by the name of heinrick let me sleep in his friends car with him and gave me a ride at 6 in the morning to the trainstation. thank you!
                       spend the next 3 days in berlin; not too impressive really, went to zann's record store and gave em the last slice of butter cd's, and roomed with this old australian guy who's been all over the fucking world. the beer was good tho.             
                       went back to koln for 2 days, spent a long long time in the frankfurt airport waiting for my flight to sibiu, romania. almost made a nice gypsy girl from the czech rep. loose her train to vienna.
   -romania: spent most of the time in sibiu with my friend bogdan, went to one of my friend's cabin in this small village by the name of cut. got way too drunk one night, took all my clothes off from sweating so much, and almost passed out in his bathtub. went to bucharest to visit armina and ira, learned lots of shit in bucharest at this bar called cool cat, then proceeded to vama veche on the black sea with ira and armina. met the nicest dudes they were friends with (gonza, puff, and others), got introduced to drum and bass for real, crazy ride back to constanta in this taxi cab where we caught the train from. somehow lost a lot of money my last night at the black sea and had no money for a train ticket, thank you armina and ira for everything. spent more valuable time with my relatives, my friend i haven't seen since 7th grade came to sibiu (he moved to the indiana).

.tour down to california with travis:
      -ate lunch with typhoon in my backyard out in the soon, served by my kind mom. played the kick-off show at camp nowhere with typhoon.
      -played on a bus in oakland with typhoon
      -before playing at the smell in LA, juan travis and i went to get some grub, robert flew down to hang and surprise the shit out of me by being there in the restaurant. kicked it in LA, and san diego with juan, michael, and travis; went to a tight beach down in s.a. too.
       -longest time spent at the wheel in my life was on the last day of tour: from oakland to seattle- 11 hrs.
       -2 days later played our 1st show in vancouver, bc- will came along and made shit great; thanks :).

.college at ubc (vancouver, canada):
    -best 3 months of my life so far; had the best roommate i could ask for: ken chase from santa rosa, ca. he isnt coming back next semester though so i'll get a new roommate- cross yr fingers! met a lot of nice international students and canadians. came back to seattle quite a bit to play shows. started buying and listening to vinyl- what was i thinking all these years?! got a job at the ubc daycare on campus this october. passed all my classes- come visit, already!

here's to 2007, and 2008 which i hope won't disappoint too hard.
-catalin serban vulcan
Current Mood: complacent

18th December 2007

1:04am: recycling pays
i was on my last day of work of this year at the ubc daycare,
minding my own business recycling the kid's papers and compost from their food.
but, in the paper recycling bin, i find 10+ college books in ok condition that i can sell
(they're all used in classes). yeee!

i'm excited to come back for longer now. history exam tuesday, religion exam wednesday,
show in issaquah wednesday evening.

see ya soon!
Current Mood: tired

16th December 2007

12:56am: let's listen to some

Current Mood: indescribable

5th November 2007


what up what up?

i'm gonna be around issaquah/seattle/whatever from wednesday night til
saturday morning, so i hope to see you around hopefully.

stuff's been good, college treating me the way it should.
we have had 8 firealarms up until now and it dosen't seem to stop.
our cafeteria finally opened and it's alright; gave me some bad vibes
in the beginning. snowbiggie. 

keep it tight and use livejournal more! it's boring as shit here.

15th October 2007

10:16am: everyone!


i just got out of my history class and have a one hour break, then political
science and work from 12:30 - 3:30 at the ubc daycare. 
everything is going pretty well; i haven't made any close friends yet though
which is good and bad. i'm content with muggy weather up here, but
autumn sure looks better with some sun shining through the leaves. 

what's everyone been up to? general and specific information is welcome.
i will hopefully have some pictures up soon from campus and my room.

5th September 2007

12:06am: UBC is pimpin. i start classes AND my new job tomorrow.
i work at a preschool called summer of 73 which is part of the
UBC child care service. 10 hours a week, get C.R.E.A.M.

roommate kicks ass, peoples r sick (mostly...), and i hear
from british girl that i met today that they have quite a few
drum and bass parties :D.

love ya.

1st September 2007

1:13am: :[][]
bye bye everyone.
keep and touch and don't be a stranger!
Current Mood: weird

30th August 2007

1:23pm: M.O.P.

kicks ass.
im out of the eastside and up in vancouver as of saturday on.
keep it greezy.

22nd August 2007

12:48am: jo man,

i'm spending my last week(s) on the eastside for a while.
i shall be off to UBC on sept. 1st.
the weather is shitty here but its nice to see everyone old
and new again.
i put up picz from tour, romania and germany on facebook/myspace.
so check them out or gimme yr e-mail so i can send some of them to ya.

make plans with me and sh*t cuz if not i'll end up cheezin at wendy's every

yr cat
Current Mood: calm

4th August 2007

7:18pm: holy shit,
drum and bass (the electro kind) rules so damn much.
dance your ass off, romania.
i also met the romanian wizard at the black sea. his nickname is puff
and he's hella into cooking and tea.
i also met gonza (short from speedy gonzales) who did tight shit with
parazitii in prague and rules at life.
i come back on the 9th. come check out the last slice if you wanna (on the
10th at the SSMA or on the 11th at camp nowhere) before we go on "tour".
Current Mood: cheerful

6th July 2007

12:08am: last 9 days

- arrived in koln (cologne), germany. stayed there 2 nights at my mom's sister's apartment; ate constantly italian and got a glimpse of the town one of the days. 

- left for clarholz,tiny tiny village in NW germany, to see zann and ed gein at this sort of bar called gasthaus muck. show was awesome, talked with two drunk brits (note: they were drunk by the time i got there at 11 AM), met a guy named henrick from dusseldorf who let me sleep in his friends car for the night and drove me to the trainstation at 6 in the morning. 

- arrived in berlin train station and started walking down a street that looked like would get me downtown. ended up walking about 3+ hours to the youth hostel i had a 2 night reservation at after i saw 'downtown berlin'. to be honest, i didn't like berlin as much as i thought i would've; everything nice and historical was at least an hour walk away and i realized what a shitty traveler i was- didn't buy any maps, bus schedules, etc. 
          2nd day i walked over to zann's recordstore in east berlin called bis aufs messer. from there i went to this vegetarian restaurant called vonner which was closed on mondays. ended walking at least 8 hours that day
          3rd day attempted to hit up vonner before i left for koln, but it only opened at 14:00 which was complete shit for me. 
          not to mention, my room-mate was a 69 year old australian by the name of arthur who at some point got probably wrong impressions of my friendliness and got pretty into holding my arm and other shit while talking, which didn't quite pass my borderline of creepiness. 

- left for koln, slept there a night. 

- took the train to frankfurt airport at 21:00; had to stay in the airport till 8:00 for my flight to vienna. bumped some serious limp bizkit, entombed, converge, wu, and the streets. met on the train a slovak gypsy woman by the name of jessica. chilled out; she didn't speak great german or english she was heading for vienna too, but by train, and due to miscommunication almost made her lose her train.

- arrived in sibiu today at 13:00, still haven't slept since i left koln, but lots of coffee helped. went to my grandparent's house, caught up a little bit, found out my guinea pig Dee Dee died a while ago, hung out with my friend valentin and his girlfriend at some bar, then met up with a sort of x-girlfriend by the name of tina in a cafe, and then came home. 

teenagers are looking slicker and have horrible dyed hair+rat tails.
that's about it.
i don't feel like i've been gone from here almost at all.

catalin v.

Current Mood: crazy

25th June 2007

10:25pm: europa
take care everyone and keep it trill.
i declare july as the month of '07.
i'll keep in touch through this for sure.
Current Mood: busy

14th June 2007

12:21am: please please
give yourselves a big round of applause.

i woke up at 7 30 this morning to sign up for classes at UBC.
i had no idea what to take, but it turned out nice.
they do semesters instead of quarters over there, and
two of my courses carry on through both semsters.
so it looks like this:

.approaches to literature
.religions of the world
.differential calculus
.government of canada
.theories of myth (2nd semester only)
.intro to creative writing (2nd semester waiting list)

happy summer everyone,
Current Mood: good

6th June 2007

2:43pm: take a look back
i can honestly say i've learned a lot from september 2006 up to this day.

keep it real.

Current Mood: calm

5th June 2007

6:32pm: new songs
Current Mood: blank

2nd June 2007

4:02pm: video video
worth watching
Current Mood: lazy

18th May 2007

8:06pm: truth truth truth

You can't party your life away
Drink your life away
Smoke your life away
Fuck your life away
Dream your life away
Scheme your life away
Cause your seeds grow up the same way

Current Mood: smelly

9th May 2007

10:17pm: calm it down

8th May 2007

10:06pm: yantra
Current Mood: many

24th April 2007

8:29pm: lately

Current Mood: listless

21st April 2007

12:01pm: quitting
It's a long time coming,
It's a long way down,
It's long division,
Crack and divide.
This is a parting,
Some separation,
We lay in pieces,
Cracked to survive.
I'm not your villain,
Not your adversary,
I'm not your reason to crack and divide.
Current Mood: surprised

12th April 2007

8:58pm: kurt vonnegut died yesterday, at age 85.
it's weird because i've been thinking of slaughterhouse five
a lot lately since i plan visiting dresden, germany this summer.
Current Mood: weird

29th March 2007

4:49pm: british columbia, all signs point towards you.

22nd March 2007

7:23pm: stop raining already!
Current Mood: stopppp

18th March 2007


hey you,
my birthday was great. i got my road bike yesterday and i'm already best friends with it. 
i vouch to listen to fela kuti 70% of my time on the bike. i love love love fela. 

Current Mood: calm
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